The Implementation Guide

Below are the three sections of the Implementation Guide. PluggedInVA-Parts-1-2 contain general information about the project, its history, essential criteria, and planning documents. Part III is accessible in modules, each focusing on an aspect of PluggedInVA planning, implementation, or evaluation.

Additional resources, including samples from previous cohorts, are also available and will be updated as they are developed.

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Parts 1 & 2

Part III

Module-A: Research & Program Development
Module-B: Partnerships
Module-C: Curriculum Development


Industry-Specific Guides

These guides were developed by Virginia Commonwealth University as part of a TAACCCT Department of Labor grant to Southwest Virginia Community College, 2015. 

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Digital Literacy

Accompanying videos located in the section below.

Introduction to Modules Use of VALRC’s Intro to Word and Excel Materials for Adult Learners
Module A Intro to Word
Module B Intro to Excel

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