How do PluggedInVA programs find their students? Share your marketing and recruitment materials and any advice that you’ve found works for your PluggedInVA program!

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  1. From Region 1
    We have had a great response to a Facebook sponsored ad and our website webform that is linked to the ad.

    Students who see the ad on Facebook can click through to our PIVA feature at Then, using the webform on our website, they give us their name, zip code, email address and phone number for us to contact them back. The webform notifies four people on our PIVA team (redundancy in the event that the part-time staff are not working that day) so we can contact students and give them details.

    This is our first time using this social media delivery. Our partner MECC put up the Facebook ad on Monday and we have already had 23 click throughs

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